“People and community growing together, committed to fostering civic pride, environmental responsibility and beautification.”

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Communitites in Bloom - Pugwash Village

Video of Pugwash Residents sharing what Communities in Bloom means to the Village.


  • December 2005: Formation of Pugwash Communities in Bloom.
  • 2007: 5 Blooms out of a possible 5 Blooms, provincial competition
  • 2008: 4 Blooms in national competition
  • 2011: 4 Blooms in national competition
  • 2014: 5 Blooms, National Winner in the Population Category of under 1000, and Finalist in Youth Involvement for the PeaceGround
  • 2017: Class of Champions with 5 Blooms (Silver), winner for Outstanding Achievement in Community Involvement for the Pugwash in Bloom 2017 Calendar, shortlisted for Outstanding Achievement for Community of Gardeners and Environmental Action.
  • 2022: Winner Class of Champions – Small Category with 5 Blooms (Silver), with Special mention for Prospering Partnerships; Winner of the Outstanding Achievement for Community Involvement
Communities in Bloom Village Profile 2022

Welcome to Pugwash

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PeaceGround in Eaton Park

PeaceGround in Eaton Park


With the support and partnerships of Municipal and Village governments, area businesses, not-for-profit organizations and residents, Pugwash Communities in Bloom has grown to be a vital and collaborative force in the community, working to improve the quality of life by fostering community pride, beautification, and environmental awareness.

Sample projects from 2017 – 2022 include:
  • Earth Day Community Litter Clean-up; Pugwash Waste Disposal Sheet
  • Community Pride in Action Program, recognizing contributors to village life
  • Annual Spring Garden Plant and Tree Sale
  • ‘Welcome to Pugwash’ banners displayed in the village and approaches
  • Participation in the Gathering of the Clans and Pugwash HarbourFest
  • Landscape work in the village gardens, including the triangle, post office, playground area in Eaton Park
  • Planting of street planters, window boxes, historical installations
  • Educational outreach: workshops, lectures and hands-on demonstrations
  • Great Pugwash Tree survey and plantings, Urban Forestry Strategy Plans, Pugwash Great Tree Blitz 2020
  • Fundraising, including award-winning calendars, community events
  • Development of The PeaceGround Project in Eaton Park
  • Peace Quotes in Stone Project in Eaton Park
  • Support of Cyrus Eaton Elementary School Garden and the Open Hamper Food Bank Garden
  • Winterscape with wreaths and seasonal lights on bridge, in Eaton Park, Farmers’ Market, Old Train Station, Cenotaph, Eaton Park and village streets. Treefest. Festival of Lights.
  • Pugwash Open Air Gallery – outdoor art installations in partnership with artists, businesses and the village
  • Advocacy to government and public: environmental and property cleanups, promoting best practices

Pugwash Communities in Bloom thanks our Supporters, Collaborators and Partners – working together for a stronger, more vibrant community.

Want to get involved?

Contact: Maureen Leahey (Chair) 902-243-3454 or mdleahey@gmail.com

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