Artist: Cathy Dalton


Artist: Donna Hutchinson

Amherst Shore Provincial Park

Artist: Fred Horton

Spend Time With Me

Artist: Jennifer Houghtaling

Weight of the Sky

Artist: Norene Smiley


Artist: Vivian Godfree

The Ross Brothers

Artist: Louise Cloutier

Trees in the Forest

Artist: East Cumberland Lodge Residents


Artist: Catherine Bussiere

Together Forever

Artist: Cyrus Eaton Elementary School Students

Sailor's Delight

Artist: Daniel Peck

Three Cat Town

Artist: Kelly Burgess

Spring Setting Day

Artist: Shaun Whalen

Belted Kingfisher

Artist: Brent Cottrill

The Mechanic

Artist: Louise Cloutier

The Face of Pugwash is Changing

Pugwash Open Air Gallery Logo

The Pugwash Open Air Gallery encourages the development of artistic excellence, stimulates awareness of, and interest in visual arts. This is accomplished through the acquisition and installation of an accessible outdoor art gallery, comprised of reproductions of artwork by local contemporary artists on the exterior walls of buildings in the village.