Trees in the Forest

Seniors of East Cumberland Lodge

Trees in the Forest

mixed media on board

(East Cumberland Lodge collection)

Location: The Meeting Place

Trees in the Forest | East Cumberland Lodge

Artist Information

Seniors of East Cumberland Lodge

As a Recreation Director working in long term care, Jill Blaikie’s goal is always to create programs that result in good moments, good hours, and good days. Forming a community link with ArtQuarters was an obvious decision. The art programs which they provided for the residents were a fun and relaxing way for them to express their creativity.

As the program evolved, she found that it became a highlight of the week for everyone. As residents engaged in the art, dormant memories were stirred, and past experiences were relived. Residents were filled with a tremendous sense of accomplishment as they utilized the opportunity for nonverbal expression.

The kinship and camaraderie that developed during the weekly sessions had an impact which lasted far beyond the boundaries of the program. Good moments, good hours and good days became great moments, great hours, and great days!

Jill Blaikie, Director of Recreation Services, East Cumberland Lodge

“As an art educator, I wanted to offer the residents of ECL an art experience that gave them a sense of belonging while celebrating their individualism. Recognizing that some of the artists were visually impaired or had limited fine motor abilities, it was important to design a project that involved tactile elements that could be easily manipulated. Using the concept of a natural and symbolic forest as our theme, each tree represents the artistic expression of a treasured elder.”

Louise Cloutier

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