We are all in this Together

Students from Cyrus Eaton Elementary School Grade 3/4

Together Forever

mixed media sculpture

Location: Cyrus Eaton Elementary

Together Forever on Cyrus Eaton Elementary School

Artist Information

Students from Cyrus Eaton Elementary School

“Together Forever” is a collaborative sculpture created by Mrs. Laird’s split grade 3/4 class of 2021. Art mentor, Louise Cloutier, wanted the 22 students to have a greater sense of place and community.

The students were tasked with filling the boat (a symbol of our seaside community) with figures that represent the village’s origins, heritage, community values and way of life. The boat’s passengers include a Mi’kmaw, a Scottish Highlander, an elder artist, a young swimmer, a basketball player, the school mascot, a doctor, police officer, fisherman, farmer, and salt miner. Working together, the occupants of the boat are shown lifting the vessel at a time when there is no water to keep it afloat.

Cyrus Eaton Elementary Students

“I never knew I would learn so much about Pugwash!”

Sarah W.

“I thought this art project was fun because we all worked together.”

Maddy R.

“I never knew that art can mean so much!”

Danica S.

“I think the experience has been awesome. It is neat to see the students come together, especially this year.”

Teacher, Amy Laird

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