Reaching PDHS

Rachel Trenholm &
Irene Zhong


acrylic on canvas
36” x 24”

Location: Pugwash District High School

Reaching on Pugwash District High School

Artist Information

Rachel Trenholm & Irene Zhong

Irene Zhong, an international student originally from China, has studied at PDHS since 2018. She enjoys self-expression and discovering more about herself through the art process. She wishes to connect with others and share her ideas through her art.

Rachel Trenholm is a grade 10 student with a long-time passion for art. She enjoys drawing images inspired by pop culture and appreciates the benefits of relieving stress.

Norene Smiley
Norene Smiley
“Many people, including students, experience stress and anxiety from world conflicts, environmental issues, health challenges and daily life struggles. In “Reaching,” we wanted to connect with the complexity of and seriousness of the subject matter, while inspiring people to look on the bright side, moving forward and upward with their lives. The cracked earth represents the challenges we face in world today, the two figures the physical and emotional struggles, the tree and birds the resilience and healing power of nature.”

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Pugwash Art
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