Egalité | Vivian Godfree

Vivian Godfree


fibre (repurposed t-shirts, burlap)
31” x 42”
(collection of artist)

Location: Pugwash Memorial Baptist Church, Durham Street

Hooked Rug Art on Church

Artist Information

Vivian Godfree

Vivian Godfree has lived in the Pugwash area since 1976. She is passionate about saving the environment, and advocating for universal human rights.

She spent her childhood in Cambridge, England, and in Oslo, Norway. From her parents, who lived through the depression and a war, she learned to save and reuse as much as possible.

In 2003 she joined the Remsheg Rug Hookers, wanting to try an art form which reused old clothes. She uses material from old T-shirts, which are plentiful and can be found in a myriad of colours. She also uses old socks and sweaters. The backing to her hookings is either used burlap organic fair trade coffee sacks from coffee roasters, or inherited linen tablecloths.

Vivian Godfree
“The theme and thoughts behind this particular rug, “Egalité”, are that women in all cultures should have equal rights, and that there is great visual richness in the traditional clothing of diverse cultures.”

Vivian Godfree

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