Marsh-September | Cathy Dalton

Cathy Dalton


acrylic ink on birch board
24” x 24”
(collection of artist)

Location: Basic Spirit, Water Street

Artist Information

Cathy Dalton

Cathy Dalton studied Fine Art at the University of Guelph, Ontario, and taught Visual Arts both at the secondary and elementary levels. While embracing farm life in Grey County, Ontario, she also worked with youth with autism, through local Community Living and Keystone programs. She was a scenic artist for eleven years for Theatre Orangeville. After a visit to Nova Scotia, Cathy fell in love with the East Coast, setting up a home and studio in Linden, on the beautiful shores of Cumberland County.

Cathy Dalton
“I seek a suggested realism through marks on a page or splashes of colour across a board. The natural world is my reference book, and since humans have been inspired by nature since the beginning of time, I know I am in good company. If a person viewing my work would reflect upon nature and our shared responsibilities to protect the environment, I would feel I have done well.”

Cathy Dalton

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